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Life is full of moments

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December 7th, 2010

12:08 pm - Hanging out wityh the other Watcher
Wes was out working for the night and I was home with Sam and Giles. If figured with Wes out now would be the perfect time to chat with Rupert without being told by Wes that certain subjects were off limits. It was around seven when I put Sam to bed and then came back downstairs. Giles was about to head out for the night. "Giles, Wes won't be home for a few hours yet why don't you stay for a bit,we have tea..and I figure it'll give us a chance to get to know each other better since you're going to be Sam's teacher." I smiled.
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June 13th, 2010

09:41 pm - Trainging Samantha
So, the day after Giles arrived, he decided that he wanted to get started teaching Samantha right away. So, we set him up in an empty room that we had in the home. To be honest, we picked an empty one in hopes that Samantha would not break anything. We didn't want her to break an expensive vase or bring down a mirror on her or his head.

So, after leaving them in the room together, we went into the kitchen to have a few drinks and basically pray that Samantha didn't accidentally bring the house down on our heads or something.

Giles wanted to try and make Samantha as comfortable as possible. He had brought a table into the room, and brought a few things in with him, like an unsharpened pencil and a rubber ball to see if she could lift them up on command and see how she could control how she did it. "Samantha, are you ready to start?" he asked her.

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December 2nd, 2009

04:36 pm - Trying to teach...
It took only about two days for Rupert Giles to get back to Wes, and by the third he was on the next train here. After Giles agreed to come teach Sam how to control her powers, I sat down with Wes and tried to figure out how long Rupert was staying. Of course like most of our discussions all I got for my troubles, was "Well we'll at the very least need the guest room set up and I'm not sure." I swear some days I wish I'd never said yes to him when he asked me to marry him.

Despite all of this though, I'm actually looking forward to having someone from Wesley's Sunnyhell days around for at least the next two weeks or so. Sam's super excited too, it's all she keeps talking about besides preschool of course.
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August 27th, 2009

03:54 pm - Surprises
The past three years in Milan have been going very well. Samantha seems to be getting bigger every day and, once she started sleeping through the night, Lilah and I have been able to spend a lot more quality time together. I'm so happy with my little family, and with my life. I've been running my own bookstore for a while. It's a regular one in the front with occult books in the back for just the right people. It's a good business. I'm just so relieved that things are working out so well so far.

I came home from work one day to find Samantha playing with her blocks in the living room by herself. "Where's your mommy, Samantha?" I asked her, getting down on the floor with her.
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July 8th, 2009

10:13 am - Life with a newborn why did no one warn me??
It's been a little over a week since we brought Samantha home and in the last week, Wesley and I have barely gotten any sleep. As if the all nighters weren't bad enough,Wes has started obsessing over everything when it comes to Sam. He's started reading the what to expect books again,and I'm not sure how exactly,but somehow I agreed to breast feeding her. I clearly remember telling him that would never happen and yet somehow he managed to talk me into it, I must've been the lack of sleep or the drugs while in labor. Roger's been trying to help out as much as possible so we can sleep.

I've spent most of the last week complaining to him about Wes and my life in general. He's been very helpful with household stuff and listening to me complain and rant. He had decided to stay over for the last week too which helps.

This morning's been no different than the last three, I'm in our bedroom with Sam and Roger. I looked over at Roger, as I fed Sam. "Is Wes still obsessing over the books? And how did I get talked into breast feeding again?"
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March 31st, 2009

09:18 pm - Time for the Little One to Come Home
From what I could tell, the actual birth didn't look too terrible for Lilah. Of course, I'm sure that had a lot to do with the pain medication that she had been given, and not that the birthing process is actually easy or anything silly like that. Luckily for us, there were no complications, and Samantha Morgan-Pryce is a healthy baby girl whom, personally, I can't wait to spoil rotten. I'm not even going to pretend that it isn't going to happen.

Mother and daughter stayed the next night in the hospital, and the doctor cleared the two of them to go home the next morning. Roger and I had the house prepared to Lilah and Samantha's arrival in hopes of making things easier on the both of them. After getting everything ready, I went to the hospital to pick the two of them up.
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January 29th, 2009

08:59 pm - It's Time..
It'd been nine months since I'd gotten the news that I was pregnant. Since then I'd slowly learned to deal with all the changes, as had Wes and Roger. For the last few weeks I'd been having bracstion hicks contractions, which were a bitch, but nothing compared to the real I was assured by several of the women in my birthing class that had already had a child. Wesley'd stopped doing research on the firm every night. Instead he kept busy helping Roger finish the nursery, and constantly hovering around me making sure I was ok.

A few times he'd been hovering I'd told him to stop it was annoying. It was three in the morning and I lay in bed staring at the ceiling unable to sleep. I tried to find a comfortable spot to sleep in, when I felt a sharp pain run through my body. "Wes...” I tried shaking him awake as another jolt of pain ripped its way through me. "Wes... wake up" he didn't even move I sighed deeply, trying to slowly breathe, and then I felt it my water broke. "Wesley" I turned the light on, and tried not to panic at the fact that I couldn't seem to get him to wake up.
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December 17th, 2008

03:12 am - Here Comes Roger
Soon enough, we got the call from Roger telling us that he had arrived at the airport, and I went to pick him up. Things had been a bit chaotic lately, and, while I never thought I'd say this about Roger, I found him to be a calming presence. It was a relief to have someone, anyone really, around to help keep an eye on Lilah and help around the house. It was also good to have someone else around that knew some of what was going on. I couldn't tell Roger everything, of course, but I could tell him enough so that he could understand. He knew where Lilah used to work, so I didn't have to mince much.

Things managed to relax a bit with Roger around. I came home one day to find the two of them in the nursery, going over how to decorate everything. "Having fun, you two?" I asked, leaning against the door frame of the nursery.

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November 17th, 2008

10:18 pm - Calling in the Experts...
The next morning after the colors were chosen I made a call to Roger, hoping that he'd be free to come help me decorate the nursery. When it comes to decorating and babies those are two things that he loves about as much if not more than shopping. After the phone rang a few times he finally picked up the phone. I smiled when he picked up. "Hey Roger, I was just hoping that you'd be free to help me with a decorating project?"
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October 21st, 2008

11:46 am - Protecting Our Coming Child
I got the books that Lilah wanted me to get for her, and then even more. Being around Lilah when she is pregnant is sometimes frustrating. It's all worth it during her good moods, though, which are more frequent than the bad ones. She can also be amazingly sweet at times, doing things like rubbing her belly and talking to it when she thinks that I'm not looking. I'm smart enough to not point it out, though, or else I might bring down the wrath.

Even though we were kind of expecting it, it was still shocking to find the first Wolfram & Hart flunky sniffing around our home. If anything, I think he was sent just as a spy, but that still worried me nearly to death. After we got rid of him, I started trying to work out more security for our home. Still, it never seems to be enough.

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